Haiku 950, 951, 952

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Gulp a bite of each
Her poetry and pot roast
It’s tonight’s special

Before you can lie
I tell you I know it was
when the necklace broke

When broke spoke hope nope
the dinner plate is shattered –
sweep up the pieces

4 thoughts on “Haiku 950, 951, 952

  1. I like the way you capture a moment of tension in each of these haiku, that teetering moment that could lead the tension to explode into conflict or simmer down into irritation.

    • Sometimes it seems so much of life is small moments that grind you down. But maybe there is revitalization coming, you never do know. That is what I like about short poetry, it leaves the options open even if the current situation or scene is seemingly defined.

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