Paper Weight

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Paper Weight

You know him
Skinny guy
narrow shoulders concave chest
swimming in a starched shirt
a size too large

runs late for everything
lives two blocks from Mom’s house
if you call him at home at night
you will always hear
the baby crying in the background

so nondescript that
he could tail you home and
you’d never make him
he’s a scrap of paper
blowing along the sidewalk
all you notice
if you even do
are the skitter scrapes
of his feet on concrete


7 thoughts on “Paper Weight

  1. I like the way you emphasise the nondescript personality of this chap through how small and slight he is. I wonder, however, whether some people rather prefer flitting through life without drawing much attention to themselves.

    • I do think plenty of people just want to be unnoticed. But maybe more on their own terms than this guy might be? It’s not fun to be actively hiding, rather than just minding your own business, I think.

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