From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.


The man with the cold gray eyes
explained the paperwork
hand moving in the slow
that showed he was
by the limited understanding
of all women
specifically me

The cold gray eyes
took in my yellow linen sheath dress
too bright too informal for business
my black patent-leather pocketbook
not respectful of large sums of money.
I saw his mouth tighten.
But the flow of things was always in my direction.
Remember that when I tell you
he spoke to me in a heavy patient voice

like God
explaining acorns
to a squirrel
sitting atop a pile
of acorns


16 thoughts on “Acorns

  1. The last stanza is a punch in the gut after the previous slaps in the face. I remember interviewing for jobs right after getting married – this is a fine description of the process…

    • Yes, you have reminded me of job interview I went on as I left college and then it made me think of how often I’ve been talked down to by certain people in certain situations all my life. Even worse now that some of them are a LOT younger…

  2. Now I have even less patience for this type of person – condescending and supercilious with a side dish of misogyny – than I did when I was young and I didn’t have much tolerance for it back then either.

    • Back then there was not much I could do about it. Now that I am later in life I have more to combat it with. It just makes me tired that it’s a prevalent today as it was in the past.

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