It Has Come Up on You From Behind

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

It Has Come Up on You From Behind

You realize, don’t you
The container
size Large
Five hundred
purple red yellow green
paper clips
you bought at age sixty-two
the age you are right now
in fact you just bought them
You realize
you will never
clip together enough papers
to use up these
five hundred paper clips

You did realize it
didn’t you?

Right now
you realize it.


5 thoughts on “It Has Come Up on You From Behind

  1. Hehe! You are spying on me! Sparky and I were at a garage sale and bought a cool whip container filled with paper clips – for 25 cents. Someday our sons will put them in an estate sale (or keep them as a family heirloom)!

    • And you know what, you just want a few clips, now and then, and they only sell them in giant containers. Oh those poor paper clips who never get called on to do a job but just go from garage sale to garage sale! !!

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