In the Mirror on the Wall

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

In the Mirror on the Wall

I blew into town. Twelve noon.
It was pouring down rain.
I was looking for a man

in a restaurant
on a side street in a town that was
a nobody nowhere and flattering itself
it had reached even that level

The man and I
the last two of us
a couple of cast-offs from
a flea-market box-lot
left behind after the show
cardboard and
dissolving in the rain

I found him
in the restaurant
If only this one time
he had been late.
Or if I had.


4 thoughts on “In the Mirror on the Wall

    • Thank you. Sometimes on trips you pass through places that just seem to reek of despair, or having given up. This poem is not based on a particular experience but in thinking about the topic this is what I imagined.

    • Place go through life cycles. I have seen sections of Philadelphia in this shape, and today, quite different. Which is an idea that makes me feel better when I see these scenes, maybe there will be renewal.

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