Shadorma 375, 378, 379

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Flex and crack
a boiling eggshell
Merry bright
bubbles pop
The silver pan rings The egg
knows it’s all over

Questions prance
in thin mauve gloves in
shiny socks
sailor hats
sharkskin suits and shantung skirts.
Answers? Camouflage.

Questions slick
the wet blue sidewalk
ice and twist
your footing
slips you trips you go down hard.
Answers glide away.

4 thoughts on “Shadorma 375, 378, 379

  1. Do you remember about my children’s stuffed animals that they both still have? That first poem would have sent Humpty screaming. 🙂

    I like the questions compared to ice in the third one. It makes me think of someone with dementia though.

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