Shadorma 368, 369, 371

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

the postman
sit-leans legs out straight
on the back
bumper of
his mail van parked in the shade
eating a sandwich

park the car
Garage Level Four
Section Green
walk away
Repeat: Remember. Four. Green.
knowing that you won’t

The baby
sleeps her soft white bear
tiny as
he is he
holds back bad dreams and he guides
her into daylight

9 thoughts on “Shadorma 368, 369, 371

    • Now there is a story there in that, Somehow I feel! The whole thing intrigues me and I don’t know why. I had a Raggedy Ann who finally wore out from total devotion, even to her stuffing leaking out. I was so sad.

      • Oh, poor Raggedy Ann–and you.
        Daughter’s Ahh Bear and older child’s Humpty had many adventures. At the dinner table, just like our kids, they would tell us about their day (they often got in trouble and were bullied). They are still very real to me. Apparently, Humpty is writing a memoir, but he’s been at it for about ten years now. . .🙂

  1. Another great trio of poems. The first one made me think of my Granddad, who was a postie as one of his careers. He bicycled his route and was so well-fed by the people he visited along the way that he quit packing a lunch.

    • Oh, that is such a nice story. I know of similar things happening to rural postmen in my young days, they drove trucks over long distances to scattered houses, and often the people left food or drink out for them.

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