Histories yet unwritten and unrelated

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Histories yet unwritten and unrelated

Re: Questions about singing
in avocado octaves
Fruit Ranked and Stacked
end of the aisle at the grocery store
Back when it was not dangerous
For A chorus Of
Silver tongues to extrapolate
A shopping list into birds
Flying just below the ceiling

Answer them said the picnic basket
Packed with fresh air
And me A tenor but my voice light
I did my best to
Align the green rain
that floats on the breeze
with clouds flying pink above
Company for the
weightless triangles of soprano Fragments
Of a robin’s egg
scattered on the ground and
look up to

Four nestlings in the branches above
Soft Screech their baby voices
Around the chartreuse backlit leaves
trip me fall me into avocado dreams
of when I was still young
a tiny fruit hanging from the tree?