Bad Start

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Bad Start

the greenhorn
pushing for a group photo
wanted one of all of us
who were in that certain line of business
on that exact day
you know
when we got together that one time
we resisted
and you know why:
Because it’s
Less analysis more doing the job
and the big one:
Never any keepsakes.

I worry about that kid.
Something tells me
he’s not going to make it in this business.


4 thoughts on “Bad Start

  1. This is definitely intriguing. You’ve successfully generated an intimidating atmosphere for something that could otherwise be innocuous. I hope the new employee figures out the company ethos before they “retire” him.

    • Thank you. I just have the feeling this job is a bad fit. And that they don’t have to “retire” him, as you put it! Sometimes people just wander into the wrong employment, I think we can agree, and hopefully the consequences…are bearable.

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