In the Quiet Room the Desk Lamp Glows

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

In the Quiet Room
the Desk Lamp Glows

Another has been looking for you
through the fine gray film
of a dirty magnifying glass –
passing it over the faded print
on acid-eaten pages
the ink as black as ever
the words cutting into the soft paper
page after page after page of them –
so many of them –

and I think he’ll find you
despite the stumbling blocks –
so strong is his memory
of you
and how you never missed a chance
to ridicule him


5 thoughts on “In the Quiet Room the Desk Lamp Glows

  1. This poem makes me think of my days spent researching my thesis in the stacks of a dark floor of the university library, poring over obscure and long neglected books. I still have a strong smell memory of that experience.

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