No Tactics

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

No Tactics

That visionary subgroup of the invading force
the first wave of cosmic alien mutant ants
veer left exiting the portal
or as we would say
crawl out of the dishwasher

but fall to the distraction of
a watermelon juice sticky lake
dried tacky and sweet on the floor
spilled from slices cut last night.
The columns bog down
discipline fails
the end comes quickly and
Mop-up is easy. Earth is saved once more
by sloppy good luck.


2 thoughts on “No Tactics

    • I will never forget the sight of them swarming a tiny piece of cake on the floor, in our recent outbreak. And it was not a good thing then and the memory makes me shudder because I now know they were just the vanguard of millions of ants (seemed like) and three visits from the exterminator.

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