Gift from a Window Cleaner

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

Gift from a Window Cleaner

Two days ago she took hold of the squeegee
swiped a checkerboard of soapy cleanser
straight from the bucket across the plate glass window
rows and columns in a swipe turn the wrist
sling off the excess kind of motion
smooth and sure. She did all of this two days ago.

I sit with my shoulder to the window
In the streaks of sunshine and shadow laid across my table
I see the layout of the puzzle she left behind for me
the swipes and slings rayed out in front of me
outlining boxes in a grid

Thank you for the clues.
I fill in my answers.


4 thoughts on “Gift from a Window Cleaner

  1. This is beautifully observed. I can really picture the light coming in through the window and the patterns it creates on surfaces. I have been deep cleaning my house this week so can testify that we can rarely accomplish pristine levels of sparkling cleanliness.

    • Thank you. Windows are so hard to make perfectly transparent, and they don’t stay that way. I like how the sun coming through a window finds the hidden patterns.

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