From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.


How long ago was it in lawnmower years
that we swam pickled in a chlorinated pool
considering the lawnmower worked summers only

How much time has passed
counted by afternoon thunderstorms
since we shivered eating the popsicles
that turned our lips blue

How many steps have we taken
in dress shoes tied too tight
since we last hopped barefoot along a hot sidewalk –
Do you ever think about how many?


8 thoughts on “Remember

  1. This poem just place me back on the street curb in front of my house, sitting with all the neighborhood friends, waiting for the ice cream truck, and trying to decide which popsicle we would choose this time. I could feel the hot street as I hopped barefoot across to my BFF’s house.
    Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. I often revisit my childhood more as time goes on, and my mind picks up so many small memories. Summer had its special activities, all of them just small things, but they are what I really remember best. Like the popsicles (we rarely were allowed to have money for the ice cream man so it was a huge moment to flag down the truck and the poor guy stuck there while we couldn’t make up our minds.) And we always got new shoes for church each summer, white patent leather. (In winter we switched to black). So uncomfortable, I still can feel it.

  2. I can relate. The ice cream truck was a treat. Most often, we made our own Kool-aid popsicles. As for the shoes, I had Sunday shoes( white or black patent leather) , ugly school uniform oxfords, and flip flops that usually broke. I was barefoot most of summer.

    • My dad used to make pictchers of Kool Aid for us. He never got to popsicles, but we were grateful for the change from otherwise, we got our drinks from the garden hose. We also went barefoot all summer, wore shoes just to church or the store. I can still feel the pressure of my bike pedals on the soles of my feet, if I just think about it.

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