This Last Bit of Proof

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, 2021.

This Last Bit of Proof

Over breakfast
and in a private conversation
not even the eggs needed to hear
I took the plates away
then the silverware
sat in the chair opposite
scratched at a coffee stain on the tablecloth
with my fingernail and then
the truth I told you
I laid it gently on the table
to keep it from getting broken
and you said
What is there to discuss?
My mind is made up.

But I had known that all along.


11 thoughts on “This Last Bit of Proof

    • Thank you. This poem, there is no layer between it and me, I feel this one very much because I have been both these people. And this setting also is very clear to me, a real place, though nothing like this happened there. it has all just amalgamated itself into this poem.

    • Thank you. This type of moment when things break and you can see it happening, it feels like it is a common thing for me, and I wonder what that means, things don’t flow, but they stutter along?

    • Thank you. I felt and saw this little event and scene very clearly and I don’t know why, it came straight out with no embellishing and so on, I have wondered why.

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