Haiku 842, 843, 844

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 842

my personal flaws
I insist we ignore them
here on the golf course

Haiku 843

in watery sunshine
the damp afternoon begins
sliding into gray

Haiku 844

this summer drags on
hydrangea blooms past their prime
pink up and curl dry

4 thoughts on “Haiku 842, 843, 844

  1. Summer goes in fits and spurts. First too fast than it slows to a crawl… always when the temps are too hot to go out and too bright to sleep!

  2. One of my sisters finds hydrangeas repellant because of the way they decay. I think that middle poem is beautiful as it so perfectly captures that change in the mood of the weather on a hot summer day.

    • Thank you. I love hydrangeas in all their stages. We didn’t have them where I lived growing up and I was so interested to see them when I moved here, and I love having them in my yard now!

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