Tanka 189, 190

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 189

Now in the winter
she said in that heavy way
of a person who
has seen a lot of winters
and remembers all of them

Tanka 190

Backstop bellied out.
Bent crossbar. Sand pile no sand
but overgrown weeds
thrive. Chain link ripples and swells.
Softball field long grassed over.

3 thoughts on “Tanka 189, 190

  1. The last one an apt description of too many neighborhood parks – or at least in the past. Our city has decided to revitalize the parks and now they are the in spots. No more weeds and lots of new landscaping and equipment! They even have Gaga ball pits and pickleball courts!

  2. Both of these poems have a slumpy energy to them, a sense of defeat being conveyed through the word choice and the rhythm. I have seen that overgrown park land space scene many times and, as you know, I can very much identify with that feeling of winters as a fatiguing ordeal.

    • Sometimes it just seems too hard to keep going. That is what I think these poems say. Yet, we do keep going, if for no other reason than inertia. Or hope!

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