Shadorma 314, 315

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Shadorma 314

cucumber slices
pungent in
pickled green
tickled pink to be asked for
by me. To dinner!

Shadorma 315

this red ant
nothing but jelly
in sunshine
walks all his legs no thought of
he should be afraid

10 thoughts on “Shadorma 314, 315

  1. I’ve just been browsing through here and there (you are such a prolific writer!)
    It’s good to be back on WordPress again after quite a long gap
    Such lovely, sharply observed snippets of life, thank you

  2. All good but that last on about the ant… we are locked in battle the ants and I. But my ants are black Carpenter ants and I’m defending the integrity of my home!!!!

    • We just finished an outbreak of tiny black ants in the house, and carpenter ants outside. Totally depressing to have to get rid of them, but, I cannot be overrun in my kitchen and I can’t have my porch fall down.

  3. You describe the ant perfectly, the way the body looks in bright light. I was dealing with a major ant problem in my classroom towards the end of the school year so ants really ought to be my sworn enemy but I cannot help but admire them. They are amazing little critters.

    • We just got through a giant infestation in the house of small black ants and then there were carpenter ants outside. I felt bad to go after them but it had to be done. The little red ants have always fascinated me with their odd little looks.

      • Ugh! Carpenter ants. I hope you managed to eradicate those. We have had to deal with those twice. Ants outdoors are safe with me and can go about their ant business except for carpenter ants living near my house.

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