From the book published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.


An idea what to do

no I don’t have one

I told her

folding my arms

my left hand

pinching the crook of my right elbow

I do that when I’m nervous

or cornered. I do not know

I said

speaking to my wavery reflection

in the polished tabletop

instead of to my wavery reflection

in her polished face.

instead of her polished face.

Can you imagine she said

and I told her

I do not know

– the rain striking at the window

mutes my last word

I don’t think she hears it –



7 thoughts on “Pause

  1. I think you convey the internal struggle really effectively in this poem. It is important that we learn to communicate with ourselves better too and that listening is an important component of that.

  2. This is so sad in so many ways – the not knowing, not listening, not communicating, and still the rain falls and words fall never reaching those who need to hear…..

    • Sometimes I think about all the missed opportunities in this world to connect and how really difficult it is to make connections, and I wonder why things are that way.

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