4 thoughts on “Haiku 850-851

  1. The green walnut falls – and it hurts like heck when it bounces off a body…. With 5 trees in the backyard it is a wonder we haven’t suffered concussions!

  2. Lovely poems. I especially like the first poem because I like to be attuned to all of those little signs that the weather is changing. Walnuts – specifically black walnuts – were significant in my husband’s family history. As early immigrants to the US, they used the presence of black walnuts as a signifier of what land would be perfect for them to farm and they migrated through America and Canada following what the family refers to as the “trail of black walnuts”.

  3. That’s so interesting about the walnuts. Paying attention to nature’s signs and understanding of what they mean is less common these days. I guess we have our contemporary versions of how to make this kind of determination as to where a good place to make a living is.

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