Little Vines 7/11/22

This week’s selection.

Middle manager with society connections
Underachieving but a good tennis game and
Keeps his car vacuumed.

An uncopied man in the
indelible ink style
You will never be able to forget him.

apologies to Louisa It was all my fault
what happened. And I hope
she will drop in again sometime
but not for lunch

The baby throws a handful of peas
and screams like a boiling teakettle
The crowd roars in appreciation

one bent-open link in the bracelet
the charm shaped like a tiny flying saucer
releases itself and whisks away

Just lunched in a carnival of a dining room
The food is now turning in my stomach
like a well-greased Ferris wheel

The question is Champagne
The answer is Singing Bumblebees Take Flight
and a Dry Throat is tickled

a whole crowd of small shadows
finding the night relentless
Tired out long before
the streetlights turned themselves off

Do a little Snooping Do Tension and Lying
Where have you been?
Remember it. It could be important.

the ground was dry
a train ticket torn in half
could lie there, legible, for weeks

Halfway there you sprinkle it on your hair
It bursts and fizzes. You rocket off.
The sunset explodes in your wake.

This way! Come one come all! Step right up!
The brusque voices of the carnival barkers
Cut sentences into small bites of cotton candy

As the moon sets itself down on the earth
the car headlights pale and fade out
giving over to the morning sun

What I wouldn’t give for
warped and soggy cardboard
and all these old photos ruined in the box

expensive purse gaping open in pleasurable shock
extravagant cake grinning through the window of its box
Friends stick together.

I get a picture in my mind
a squirrel skipping branch to branch
then I run up the stairs

The idle chatter stalls
The lovers risk gossip to dispel the boredom
Maybe it’s not just another desperate evening after all

fancy shoes slick leather soles
skid on the worn stone steps
a spin and a panic and nearly making other plans

a starched shirt situated on a corpulent bald man
gabbles out a misbuttoned sequence of
stretched too tight

matching facts to acts and today
oh dear, no, I am so sorry I can’t
Memory self-wiped as clean as if with a gallon
of bleach.

3 thoughts on “Little Vines 7/11/22

  1. I like that charm bracelet…which makes me wonder…where IS my charm bracelet? And I love the crowd of small shadows. (K)

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