Shadorma 305, 306

From the book The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Shadorma 305.
I lay down
on the bed my head
swimming a
slow backstroke
up and down a neon pool
oh my head. My head.

Shadorma 306.
How tender
your soft precise lips
smiling red
and vicious
caress the words you send to
skewer gentle souls

3 thoughts on “Shadorma 305, 306

  1. I’m probably going to jinx myself – but I haven’t had a raging migraine for a couple years!! I link it to retirement – lost the pain in the butt and my biggest headache!

  2. That is a brilliant description of that type of searing headache. I also think you have done an excellent job of conveying the type of person who appears superficially one way but is actually quite the other.

    • Thank you. Headaches, I don’t get them too often but of course I want to lie down when I do get one. And I think there are a lot of people who seem soft and gentle and it’s all fake.

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