Snippets 326-329

From The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

I did feel uneven
for a long time
I remember

How big and generous it is,
the full moon
sketched in soft pencil

Of course cheap teeth
you Are dangerous
and accident-prone.

a few
became a collection
and I felt content

9 thoughts on “Snippets 326-329

  1. #329 made me think of the wicker animal collection I used to have… I had a few and was content – then people started gifting them to me and I was overwhelmed. Now I have only one remaining tucked away in a room no one but me enters….

    • I have collected various things in the past. Now all I look for are brake pads thrown off by cars, found on the street. There are not many. The collection’s items each and every one are precious!

  2. I really love the way the text in the poem grows in scale as the collection expands and the sense of contentment is achieved. The one about “cheap teeth” leaves me wondering about the wider tale involved. I enjoy that sense of intrigue.

    • Thank you. Teeth are a subject for me since I have had so much trouble with my own over the years, so I am sensitive to their doings…and they never disappoint for drama. Crazy but true.

    • Thank you. And you know what, it was completely random, I didn’t notice until after I did the snippet that the round shape sort of fit the words. Serendipity helps me out again.

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