A few new: Snippets 422-426

I did a LOT of snippets this week. Here are few for you to look at.

many will be wondering
what a paper clip clasped
to paperwork thinks about

in the winter
slipping through a hidden

one more deity
plenty of warning
We Listen too late not enough
the end

when she married him
It was cold outside
at the end of the future

What would
make you wish you were
cooked cabbage
and not know it

7 thoughts on “A few new: Snippets 422-426

  1. I enjoyed these snippets! The boiled cabbage made me think of the question “What am I? Chopped liver?” It never made sense because I love chopped liver. Change that to boiled cabbage and I can get behind that!! (or maybe ahead in case of barking tree spiders)!

    • As the big wheel keeps turning, more and more I see the same things replaying, the same mistakes happening, and people just as surprised as they were the first 50 times or whatever. I feel all I can do now is try not keep riding the wheel when I find out I’ve gone wrong.

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