Little Vines 6/23/22

This week’s selection.

The clang of shovel on rock
The bell struck
it Rings only once
Good-bye, it says. I hear it. Good-bye.

She discarded the price tag
picking it off with her plastic fingernails.
I did not feel I could intervene.

deafening yellow
fragrant acidity
a sparkle curled inside a rind

dishrags emerge
from the suds
wrung out from a hard day’s work

now so gracelessly extinct
lie in cracked ruins in the cemetery
scattered through the unmown grass

that moment in the warm kitchen
of bright unfettered hopes
eager that my efforts might please

in the living room so long ago a little girl
curled up asleep on the prickly red carpet
guarded by the heavy legs of the piano

Did I hear a faint echo
as I stood among the gravestones
in the manicured cemetery?

the heartbreaker continued in his ways
spackling the afterlife with
hard gravestone kisses

disappointed hearts retreating
a single word had broken the news:
the tickets are all sold out

The train stood in the station at midnight
full of people
knowing where but not always knowing why
they were going

I remember a lot of things about that time
but mostly trees
and feeling alone

the cloud overeats
the sky disappears
what’s left is a moon with a bite taken out of it

Eight years old
standing there laughing.
At me. Of course. My cat.

test booklet and pencil
a good view to the left and to the right
Yes, I’m ready for the exam now

what loud voices
even in winter in snow a foot deep
the dreaming daffodil bulbs have

You’re stupid stupid stupid
sang the valentines in their envelopes
trusting Cupid Cupid Cupid

Her eyes gleamed like polished acorns
elated at successfully evading a squirrel.
Possibly she is overconfident.

a tissue from the box
nothing to offer but anonymous comfort
but that was enough

a spin and a panic and making other plans
the vehicle shies away
U-turn and gone in a hurry

the ruined molecule
the corrosive stars
the discolored luminescent clouds
Now even fate has gone numb

Answer in a short paragraph. Discuss fully.
Are you anonymous or synonymous?
Polynomial or abdominal?
Molecular or follicular?

outside the window
winter plods past
methodical and petulant

7 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/23/22

  1. You conjure up a lot of evocative scenes with this series of LVs. I could see the dark skies in my mind’s eye and feel the carpet and smell the grass. #5959 was my favourite in this collection because there were so many sensory elements that just perfectly captured the quality of a lemon.

    • Thank you. I like lemons (no other citrus fruits, just them) and I don’t know why, but I always have. Everything about them appeals to me so that is what I wanted to say here.

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