Tanka 181,182, 183

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 181

giant glassy eye
rolls in unfocused circles
a small orange speck
darts in and out of vision
floating past the bleary lens

Tanka 182

Sharp nose set to sting
takes steady aim. First easy
then don’t hold back. Bite.
The drill cuts its precise mark.
Fine sawdust floats to the floor.

Tanka 183

Whisk that word that means
beat eggs and cream pale yellow
a froth of bubbles
poured on mushrooms in pastry
shut the oven door. It’s whisk.

4 thoughts on “Tanka 181,182, 183

  1. All three are great but I especially enjoyed your personification of the drill. The way you made drew the comparison to some kind of stinging insect was very effective.

    • I got my own drill a couple of years ago (rather than trying to use the one my husband has which is heavy and awkward for my hands) and I love it.

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