Haiku 836, Tanka 180

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 836

window screen sunshine
Gridded-out squares of daylight
can’t confine the sky

Tanka 180

A good hiding place
this stretch of stormy weather
flung across the map
I push aside one raindrop
The next one I climb inside

7 thoughts on “Haiku 836, Tanka 180

  1. Your haiku captures that way in which looking out of a window frame can automatically transform a scene into an artwork because of the way it focuses our eyes onto the composition of the scene beyond the window. The type of grid frame you describe always makes me think of quilts or mosaics when I observe a landscape through them.

    The tanka is wonderful. I love that image of climbing inside a rain drop. I think your poem also reminds me of that cosy feeling I used to derive from being indoors during a storm that I hope to recapture now that the water ingress issues in my home are sorted – hopefully permanently.

    • Yes, a window frame is of course a stereotype kind of idea but there is a reason, why, because it is so effective and pleasant to work with, words or art. I do like how a frame organizes a view into smaller segments. And as for being inside a rain drop, I feel like this should be made into a fairy story, I can just imagine a little being doing this and then stepping out into a green fresh world.

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