Little Vines 6/16/22

This week’s selection.

looking for you
the irony cobbler is
wanting to fit you with some too-tight shoes

Let’s do some talking, Dad said
but what he thought was
if only we really could get some answers that way

you brought me this expensive orchid corsage
and me here in a red sweatshirt
with the tag still on it

a radioactive third flow event
warm statistics stream into the database
My right thumb pulses.
This time our rocket ship really is going to take off.

one descriptive curse
and things sure got out of hand
on this nondescript street

A lifelong some lover
disciplines herself to consider all
just once in a while

your gravestone with that RIP claptrap all over it
let’s not pretend I haven’t yanked it out of the ground
more than once

she’s a serious girl
even she’s hunting for a little light relief
inside these mind-blowingly pedantic results

as time went on, her two eyes
no longer wanted to work together –
A visual divorce

fifteen love she bellowed
you could have heard her a mile away
what a tennis racket

why not consider this
affordable flock of opportunities
the salesman said –
but how can I when they are all clucking and
looking me right in the eye?

I listen
I check my emotional reservoir
I run through my inventory
I decide I can spare a shiver

until we know more let’s manipulate her
with a whirling and a twirling
of a shrug and a guilt

I got up early this morning again
skidded on the icy path again
Chapter 23 was just like Chapter 22
in my book

except for the damp bathmat
drying on the radiator
There’s no proof you were ever here

because she was that careless with the cake spices
a smelly error
turned into a citywide evacuation event

with a shudder
the fortuneteller turns pale
your heart vanishes

It’s a chicken feed casserole conversation
No one ever says anything at this dinner table
that amounts to more than

there was a large crowd yelling Be careful
but the foolish sentence just kept on rolling
running right smack-dab into the middle of the serious conversation

9 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/16/22

  1. Another terrific collection. Some made me laugh and some made my imagination wander as it considered the rest of the story. #5949 was my favourite this week, perhaps because I found it so relatable.

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