Tanka 179, Haiku 837

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Tanka 179

When I first meet them
they are grinning big toothless
gaping hungry smiles
in their tiny twig-built home.
Naked insistent newborns.

Haiku 837

oh please let’s avoid
a stretch of stormy weather
this afternoon. Please?

4 thoughts on “Tanka 179, Haiku 837

  1. You’ve done it again with the serendipitous scheduling capturing the weather patterns of our seasons here in PA. The first poem is delightful. Baby birds are so weird looking yet adorable.

    • Thank you. As always I am writing from what happens directly to me, it is what I feel most qualified to do, and our weather here…oh so many variations to choose from. And baby birds. I marvel at how they can be so ugly and so cute at one time.

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