Tanka 175, 176

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Tanka 175

folded-over spears
of yellowing iris leaves
a fits and starts breeze
and they bend down and rise up
supple birds pecking at seeds

Tanka 176

Stick figures gone live
their arms nailed to their shoulders
blunt features and eyes
burnt in hard dark lines stare out
spears thrown through rising wisps of smoke

6 thoughts on “Tanka 175, 176

    • Yes, you are right. Started off describing one of my stick figures that have woodburned features and so on as described, and then…the whole thing sort of shifted in focus to me when I read the earlier lines and took a turn with the last line. Something ordinary, turned threatening and beyond. Yes. Horror all right. I like your characterization of this poem.

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