Tanka 173, 174

From The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Tanka 173

In the living room
skinny feet in argyle socks
propped on the footstool
he turns the paperback’s page.
The fan oscillates. He reads.

Tanka 174

truck brakes sputter belch
the noise shaking the whole house
live by a highway
you never get used to it
But you do stop cursing it.

4 thoughts on “Tanka 173, 174

  1. I like the way these poems are atmospheric counterpoints to each other. One scene is blissfully peaceful and relaxing and the other gives me that fractious feeling.

    • Yes, and some days you can overlook the commotion and other days not so much. Although with a book in hand I can pretty much be off in another world no matter where I am actually sitting…

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