Simple Solution

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Simple Solution

you howl fierce
rattle chains and shriek
dark curses
the bedroom closet your lair
behind the dresses

above rows
of shoes. The sway of
T-shirts on
hangers signs
your comings and your goings.
I shut the door. Sleep.

shadorma chain

14 thoughts on “Simple Solution

  1. There is something a bit darkly Narnia-esque about this closet. What it brought to mind for me, however, was the little closet in my Granddad’s spare room which, if we climbed into it and turned to the right, provided a narrow access up to the attic. It was such a magical space to explore as a child.

    • In my bedroom the access to the attic was a little door in the back of the closet, when I was young. I think that influenced me in my dislike of closets, I always thought, a closet is bad enough but the attic lurking back there…

      • I have mixed feelings about attics. When I am familiar with it and it is a light and spacious one, I like exploring it; the idea of going into a strange and/or dark attic, however, gives me the total heebie-jeebies.

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