Little Vines 6/9/22

Here is this week’s selection.

the slithering progress
of her firstborn Inklings
delighted the mom Innuendo

I speak the truth into the jar.
I screw the lid on tight.
It’s never tried to get out. So far.

The sloping line of floral tiles.
The sink off-center. The mirror skewed.
A crooked grin at my reflection.
I part my hair in a wavering line.

Endure the subtle pinch of seldom-worn shoes
Mourn the discovery that your fancy dress
is now too tight to wear. Curse because
you have no other. Enjoy your cousin’s wedding.

a dainty stamp of a slime-sticky foot
a flirty wave of antennae
that darling debutante at her first ball
breaking snail hearts right and left

the white rose waits
its thorns as curved and sharp
as a mean cat’s claws

we work in the same office but never speak
we sit in silence at the same lunch table
we’re too busy watching the clock
ever to do anything else

She sits in Grandma’s Cafe
Look at her there, in that red coat
wolfing down a whole basket of goodies

Don’t expect a healthy seven
From a sickly three point nine
If you don’t feed it right

I’m all November ready
A marble arm’s reach
and I’m turning over the page

We’re forced friends
stepping off on the wrong foot
We’re like all you socks
wanting to run from a bad match

In pain the risk is forgotten
Grip the tip of the pointed personality
and ask for help

A haughty waiter speaks with them
They cringe
But the napkins are calico
And not threatening

A party of mustards discusses
a case of homicide by salt
Ouch and iodine

Are you a lard flat up on it
Are you a silent seventeen
and weighing piles of cups?
Apply now and receive a generous signing bonus.

the amused clocks
run down the reputation
of that poor helpless sundial on a sunny day

I hope someone warned you
I soaked my brain
in all kinds of coffee this morning

No shortage of morning
in this great big blue sky
The fried egg sun grins

the dishrag slips in the soap suds
trying to keep up while those jokers
the forks poke it in its knitted ribs

I used a wheelbarrow
is that ok?
She nodded Yes
and then she asked the time.

Well, my lipstick
will fit around my smile
just fine

ants talking drivel
hornets pushing some stinging gossip
the cabbage scratches its head
How did I ever fall in with this crowd?

the music
trickled from the radio
thick and sweet

5 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/9/22

  1. I was just looking in the closet at my “nice” clothes and wondering if there was any chance they still fit me. I’ve had no occasion to find out in the past few years, and I was also wondering if I would ever have one in the future. I did not try any of them on. (K)

    • I have done the same thing recently. I removed some outfits and got rid of them (also did not try them on, just let them go). I don’t see my things going in a direction where I need that kind of stuff anymore. I’m not really sad about it either. It was just time to move along for me.

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