May I Ask

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

May I Ask

to my ghosts
I pen this letter
in hopes of
reaching you
in the afterlife where you
rattle chains and shriek

I prefer
a more discreet style
in hauntings –
if you might
try breaths of cold air I would
be so grateful. Thanks.

shadorma chain

5 thoughts on “May I Ask

  1. This poem made me chuckle. I love the idea of not trying to exorcise the ghosts but instead just entreating them to be better housemates. We have a running joke about having a ghost in the house who is, of course, responsible for all of the things none of the humans confess to. We are glad our ghost is just a bit messy and not a full-on poltergeist causing havoc and destruction.

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