Shadorma 294, 295

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Shadorma 294

the cat sleeps
sprawled on the sketchbook
open to
a blank page
claws curl scratch the thick paper
scrawling out his dream

Shadorma 295

my pink umbrella
I move through
the downpour
a ship sailing the sidewalk
in the midday gloom

7 thoughts on “Shadorma 294, 295

    • Thank you. I try to take note of small sights or slices of something and then later put it on paper, it’s a nice way to relive an experience for me.

  1. Ha ha! You perfectly describe the situation of my art table. I have it in the area of the house with the most natural sunlight because of dual aspect windows but, of course, the cats also love that spot. We have an arrangement but they don’t respect the boundaries. There is at leas cat hair in all of my paintings and sometimes the odd paw print.

    The umbrella one chimes with my philosophy of always having a brightly coloured umbrella (mine happens to be hot pink too) because you have to do whatever you can to brighten up a dull, rainy day.

    • The cat will always want to see what is going on, all cats! And my current cat loves to lie on top of papers and notebooks. This is a true life situation in this poem all right. And umbrellas, I have always loved them since I was small, there is just something magic about how it can transform itself, and also, how much fun using one is!

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