Shadorma 292, 293

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

Shadorma 292

among the fish
flashing swishing swim
in the water
who it is
would stay awash avoid hook
Look out! whirl away

Shadorma 293

On purpose
I choose the soothe cake
for someone
who longs for
the angst cake. Try it, I say.
Take a nice big slice.

9 thoughts on “Shadorma 292, 293

  1. The first one conjures up a very pleasing visual image of fish sparkling in the sun. The second one makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and the various transformative edible choices she makes. We should always aim to choose the soothe cake. It is so much tastier.

  2. The problem with angst cake is it gets stuck in your teeth, like melancholic seaweed.

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