A few new: some Snippets

I spent this last week as time permitted in doing Snippets. There is no substitute for having actual words to grab hold of and move into place. Here are a few results, first typed out and then their images below.

No, no. Ten letters I was nine
There are eight fingers and Seven females,
the clue for six Around five o’clock
four hours that three drink orders and
A half breath
two rows behind one silver lining

She was bowled over by that
outrageously expensive dry-cleaning
but what was money for?

you say it’s me who is come
to an abrupt end cracked in two
upside down across the street?

black coffee
and the deep blue city
and the guy who sold Violet the car.

Those were Certainly
two of the oldest lips
in the music business.

11 thoughts on “A few new: some Snippets

    • The first one just goes to show you what happens when you find one phrase (this time with a number in it) and then you use that to sort of keep the trend going…you never know what will come out!

    • Thank you. Yes, they do resemble vines, coming to that point through a whole different process, but then, when I think about it, maybe not, it’s just that Snippets are clipped out from print and the Vines usually come from things I have overheard or noted down from TV or radio or whatever I might be listening to. Interesting to think about.

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