Little Vines 6/2/22

This week’s selection.

the buffer expands to protect them
these lies
they are guaranteed safe inside the closed mind

the piano is tuned
a dishonest continuum of sound
returned to truthful melody

a brilliant spring day
a swarm of gnats up your nose

Surely, I hope,
there is a marvelous year
underneath all this mud

our small one-eyed dark tabby cat
you are
just a great big sample of pure gold

I so envy you
that pale blue pair
of custom-fit oven mitts

The beer gladdens the tired crowd
of ill-matched coworkers
gamely socializing at the mandated after-work activity

The stomach gasps.
And then a greenish sludgy liquid
lies languid on the linoleum

If you think about it
it is possible to drink coffee
made by a dead man:
it’s all in the timing

one quick paper cut
one long day
of agony

the clouds are promising rain
but with no signature on the papers
I don’t consider it a done deal

on my calendar for the rest of this year:
forget everything that happened
after last Tuesday

the newborns emerge, squeaking –
and you know the story:
they will grow up fly away and return
when they run out of money

a waffle a sick man
a nurse in white
a burned-out light
and in this heat?

a pair of pale blue eyes
just visible through the dense foliage –
and the two now-empty chairs

I’ve always thought that
for a lot of reasons
a really nice set of teeth
is all you need in life

coy and vain
that’s the orchestra’s opinion
of every simpering note in this limping gavotte

that black sweatshirt
such a tight squeeze
no way he’s ever gonna squish all his atoms into it

The road is straight the scenery a snore and
just now you’ve realized you missed your turn
one humdrum miles ago

I saw him in the used car parking lot
Embarrassed for him, I was.
Who? Oh, George, our old Toyota.
I hope he didn’t see me.

the skull that conceals
the brain that reveals
the word that unreels
the whole string of squeals

there is something about
a steaming hot bucket of soapy water
that really cheers me up

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 6/2/22

  1. These are all absolutely wonderful. I especially enjoyed #5899 as it describes that experience of forced camaraderie perfectly. I also laughed at the swarm of gnats. There is always something to take the polish off an otherwise perfect day.

    • Thank you. We’ve been having storm clouds but (thankfully) the storms pass around us or else fizzle out. So, I hope no one ever signs those papers!

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