How That Novel of Yours Became Theirs

From the collection published in 2022, Writing Notebook 2021.

How That Novel of Yours Became Theirs

Finding a really good protagonist
one that I could trust –
I’d rather not revisit
what I’ve had to overlook
interviewing the possibilities –
As if any of them will ever tell me the truth
so desperate they are to land a job.

The photos are now lost
somewhere in my photographic memory

the protagonist told me
head hanging in shame. Another plot twist
out the window. I sigh. Tip of my tongue to retort
Then allow me to give you some advice
Will I really say that
packed in rows of twelve in archival boxes
with appropriate tags
the pictures could have been salvaged
the story moved on?
No I will not.
I clean my eyes with the tea in the cold brew bottle
and begin the tedious task of casting out
another line of inquiry
for this numskull.

Maybe some things have changed
and not necessarily for the good
Or the mediocre or even the level below so-so.
No one currently in the book seems to mind.

And then one day I type with verve and flash
Focus on the temporary ignore the gaps
Of course I never saw it coming
This bad idea that wasn’t food for thought
it works so well. Editor, praise me!
I await your reply. The bell dings.


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