When It Came

From Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

When It Came

I was eating lunch in a hurry
I had just been married
I was driving a tractor in a field.

I was planning to buy some fabric
a flat of pansies an ironing board
a wrench a box of toothpicks.

I was telling my third lie of the day.
I had woken up with a hangover.
I was singing an aria with the radio.

I had just
Hit a tee shot straight down the fairway
Dialed the next name on my client list
Fluffed the fringe on the pillow case
Broken an egg into the bowl

I was
laughing gossiping
sneezing joking
sighing humming
not afraid at all

we were all the same
back there on the planet
all of us and then our
stems snapped
yanked plucked harvested
a clean sharp cut
a ragged tear
however it happened
it was abrupt
it was done
now we are
here and now

which is where?
and when?


7 thoughts on “When It Came

    • Yes, me too, having seen various versions and this is the best way, I think. And to expand it, I also think it’s the easiest way for me to deal with any change. No long drawn out thing, just go right into it and put my energy into the change, instead of the anticipation. And, there is something to be said about going right up to the last in the way you have been following, no diminishment or decrepitude.

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