The Perfection With Which We Lived Our Charmed Lives

From the collection published in 2022, Writing Notebook 2021.

The Perfection With Which We Lived Our Charmed Lives

We visit the jewelry box
and pop open a new bottle of shampoo
We mount a parade in three stages
Morning noon and night
Attired in authentic dress and tasteless display
we progress from
one glamorous adventure to another
For sheer spectacle we challenge all comets –
A slip of my tongue you know what I meant to say.

the deities are familiar with our forces
or is it our faces? by now
And their anger is real but
toothless. March on! And speaking of teeth
You’ve got a little lipstick on yours again –
Right there –
Over a little. Yes. Pick up the beat. Let’s go.


7 thoughts on “The Perfection With Which We Lived Our Charmed Lives

  1. I see what you mean here. But possibly an exception is the shattered, sordid lives of Depp & Heard. Suppose most keeps the surface alive as best they can, when the underbelly is uncomfortably close.

    • There is a worship of the surface of a person in our culture and I wish so much it was not like that, and things went deeper than appearances. There are always clues and signs, I think, to remind us that the admired are human with flaws too, but we do not want to look.

  2. Selective blindness – seems to be the way of the world. We want others to be perfect and castigate ourselves when we can’t live up to that standard….

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