Deniable Appeal

From the book Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

Deniable Appeal

One day I arrive
proceed to allow myself to
provide her with something more than
a new hobby – no, I give her
nothing less than an invitation
to immerse herself in an

She takes the bait
at first
and then she goes and

loses interest
in infatuation?
or is it something
or someone
more specific?

All I can think is
there is something that has been removed
and by force of course
for how it could be otherwise?
and yet she does not seem to be in pain:
Why not?


4 thoughts on “Deniable Appeal

  1. While I am sure this was not the intended meaning of your poem, the use of the word “hobby” immediately led me to connect this to the way in which two of my sons can get so hyper-focused on a new interest and be absolutely immersed in their passion for that thing and then suddenly a switch flicks and they have zero interest in that thing and move on to something else.

    • I was thinking from the perspective of a kind of conceited person who deigns to offer their companionship or whatever to another person, and to their surprise that person does not hold on to that largesse long term. And I think the way you have thought of it in terms of your sons makes total sense. The hobby offers itself, the boys do it for a while and drop it and move on. And what happens to the remnants of the hobby? I am thinking of many half-knit items there are in the world (this is a common thing discussed among knitters) where interest was lost or whatever? From the yarn’s perspective, let’s say – it might feel a bit dissed when only recently it was so desirable at the store! I maybe be overdoing this comparison but to me, it is interesting to think of it the way you did and see where that goes.

      • I have encountered many people like that – the type that like to “collect” people for their own pathological reasons – and I just refuse to entertain them. In that regard, I refuse to be someone else’s disposable hobby.

        • It can be hard to figure that out in the beginning of meeting someone, but…I think as I have gotten older, I am very quick to avoid these people myself. But I see them in action all around all the time.

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