A few new: How We Never; Shadorma 404

Here are a couple of poems written this very day. The second one, a shadorma, is a true story, too.

How We Never

How we never look
outside at night too afraid
shut the curtains tight
against the dark its fingers
spread out and pressed hard the glass

Always never look.
But this night thin and yellow
the line on the sill
Brave we are not but entranced.
The moon pulls. We don’t resist.

tanka chain

Shadorma 404

basement stairs
the one-eyed cat sits
two steps down
in the dark.
I pull the light cord. He blinks.
Why, I ask. He glares.


4 thoughts on “A few new: How We Never; Shadorma 404

    • Just like all the rest of them. At least the ones who have lived with us over the years! They know all about us but us – we know nothing about them.

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