A False Start Cannot Be Repaired Later

From the collection The Immediate and No Sooner, 2021.

A False Start Cannot Be Repaired Later

counted once:
one hundred fifteen.
counted twice:
the stitches
now one hundred seventeen
filling out the row

Count again:
finger the stitches
slide down the
wood needle
the numbers added whispered
under your breath

The truth is
the yarn must obey
the numbers
first cast on
laid out now. You knit only
when the numbers say.

shadorma chain

4 thoughts on “A False Start Cannot Be Repaired Later

  1. Although not a knitter myself, I grew up with a grandmother and her elderly relatives who were all prolific knitters (mainly Fair Isle with very skinny needles) so I found myself coming over all nostalgic thinking about this scene and the sense memory of all those busily clacking needles. I imagine there is something almost zen-like about the rhythmic action of knitting.

    • I have knitted for 55 years and you are right, it is soothing and calming (most of the time, not when things go wrong…) because of the rhythm of the needles and the way the yarn travels through your fingers. I have always loved it ever since I first learned.

  2. I took a knitting class but it was too difficult for me – I’ll stick to clay! My sister crochets and my friend knits. Both keep their hands busy!

    • I have knitted for 55 years and can’t tell you how many knitted garments and objects I have made. I love it and it’s a nice difference from my other art forms.

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