Shadorma 287, Tanka 167

From The Immediate and No Sooner, published in 2021.

Shadorma 287

guessing game:
skip across the clues
in the stream
of logic flowing past you
going way too fast

Tanka 167

The muddy snake coils
a mild river yesterday.
Today its fanged mouth
bites at the land. Floods it dead.
The snake devours its trapped prey.

7 thoughts on “Shadorma 287, Tanka 167

  1. Your snake poem makes me think of the water snake I saw resting on some logs a few days ago. I only ever seem to see them coiled up and chilling out rather than in action. I really like that metaphor of the stepping stones in the stream as a way of picking out details that resolve a puzzle.

    • I think snakes wait, a long time sometimes, then bam! they strike, or they move, and it is very fast. I think of rivers as snakes many times (twisty) and how they flood works in the same way, I think – very quite, and then once a certain point is reached, watch out.

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