4 thoughts on “Next, Hail

  1. The structure of your poem supports that sense of trepidation and strained nerves. I still like thunderstorms (so long as I am indoors) but I experience the feelings you describe with rainstorms. Our basement flooding issues (now thankfully remediated once and for all) have forever ruined my ability to enjoy rain.

    • I am glad the basement is dry for good, I know that feeling of worry about the rain (having had flooding in our house when we first moved here also affected how I feel about rain). And I don’t like windy storms now as I used to. The sounds and motion of storms, in fact, bother me more than they used to. Luckily I just keep going lower into the house until all is quiet.

  2. Once the lights go I’m in panic mode…. I’ve been through too many severe storms that spawned tornadoes and uprooted trees. This poem brings it all back in a flash!

    • Yes, me too. I grew up in a tornado zone and we have had a couple (one last fall in fact) here in PA, where it’s not the usual, that destroyed a swath of trees and houses in the way I remember from childhood. I tell everyone, that if they say to take cover, then…TAKE COVER!

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