An early night

From the Collection Writing Notebook 2021, published in 2022.

An early night

You promised but
I couldn’t
Hidden between the hedges
it was such a narrow path
Violets in the grass
and crushed gravel underfoot
One tiny stone in my shoe
but it was enough
the leaves on the arching branches
beckoned in vain


3 thoughts on “An early night

  1. Despite the discomfort of the stone in the shoe, your words paint a very serene scene. I would rather like to be transported there right now.

    • I think the person in this poem used the tiny stone as an excuse to avoid what they didn’t want to do anyway, and instead, removed the stone and went down another path. That is what I saw in writing this. I felt the same way about being there, I had such a clear feeling of a summery night I wanted to express – where nothing intrudes, but maybe you have to be alerted to notice that you don’t want intrusion!

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