Haiku 823, Tanka 166

From the collection published in 2021, The Immediate and No Sooner.

Haiku 823

Tonight’s recipe
fished out from the newspaper:
Tuna casserole

Tanka 166

bent at the corners
the stained business card falters
knocked down but not out
still in the fight for business
your name a lopsided grin

11 thoughts on “Haiku 823, Tanka 166

    • Thank you! Tuna casserole, something I have been serving (if not always the cook) since I was working my job in the cafeteria in college and of course for family meals – and I have followed my grandmother’s habit of clipping (or now printing) recipes from the newspaper to try out, and then one day it all came together in this haiku that sort of fell into my head!

  1. That haiku is priceless!! It should be an example in the textbooks to show the kids that haiku can be clever and amusing!

  2. The Haiku is very relatable. I am always saving recipes to try out. The Tanka is fantastic. I feel it suggests so much of the backstory of the person whose name is printed on the business card.

    • Thank you. I too love collecting recipes especially from everyday sources such as the newspaper. And the business card one was prompted by one of my own I’ve carried around maybe too long.

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