Life Choices

From the collection published in 2021, And Don’t Come Back.

Life Choices

He told her to be ready to run away with him in a day or two
neglected to mention his reliance on bicycle transport
that her reserved seat would be
a basket clamped to the handlebars
and if there were showers
why, rainwater is said to be good
for any complexion. What could be better
than romance and in such circumstances?
It hardly seems a question that needs asking
she did:
upon reasoned thought and careful reflection
it seemed most things could be better.

She sent her regrets via postcard
one that featured a view of the same New Jersey beach
where she now sat in her low-slung surf chair
managing the drips from a Cherry Ant ice cream cone
writing up the episode for her memoirs in pink ink
(a painfully short document so far
but a standout when it came to effort
and a certain decorative style)
The incoming tide licked at her toes. She giggled.


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