A few new: Tanka 299, Introduction

Tanka 299

Thank you, paperwork
For what you’ve done with detail.
For consequences
made vivid. For dust-dry words
rehydrated. For bluffs called.



The new car is so shiny
No dust on it
for a finger to write a message in.
A green t-shirt
I wore eleven days in a row
back in college
now a dust rag
I use to polish up the door handle
that doesn’t need it.

No eating no drinking
no smoking no chewing gum
no wet bathing suits on the seats
no muddy shoes on the carpet.
No items likely to leak, melt, or stain allowed –
in this category I also include
any person who may be in this condition.

At least for now.
The new car is so shiny.
So new.


3 thoughts on “A few new: Tanka 299, Introduction

    • Yes. A fresh start! And a new relationship, I’ve always felt ( I tend to personalize my cars). Then of course later we relax standards and we age together and soon the formalities are gone and there are dropped French fries under the seat…

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