No One Being the Author

From the collection And Don’t Come Back, published in 2021.

No One Being the Author

Why the car honked its horn just then
Why the briefcase was locked
Why the smile went out of his eyes
Why the fire burned down the whole building
Why the afternoon sun continued to shine
Why are you asking me because why
I don’t know why because no one
is following an outline because
No one is dropping clues
where this mystery novel
is going to end up
because it looks like only
No one
knows why.


4 thoughts on “No One Being the Author

    • I read a lot and I think more and more this is happening! Or else I am the one lost! Or more picky about what I read now since I have built up a lot of years of reading and things often seem recycled to me. Or the author is lost and trying to beat their way out of their own confusion.

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